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  In the 1980s, Archaeology, Ancient History of China, Modern History of China, history of Sino-foreign relations, Economic History and the Theory of History in Shan Dong University had a high rank in academic circles. Especially the research on History of Wei,Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties made by Wang Zhonglu ,Zheng Peixin,Chen Zhian and the research on Boxer movement made by Lu Yao,Kong Linren, Li Desheng and Lu Jingqi had a great influence on the domestic and abroad academic circles. In the 1980s, with Professor Lu Yao taking charge bodily, twenty----year massive field research on materials about Boxer movement began, based on the 1950s.In 2000, international academic symposium about Boxer movement was held in Shan Dong University . Collection of Survey Materials of Boxer Movement, Shandong University with million words, which was arranged by Professor Lu Yao, Su Weizhi, Liu Tianlu, was thought highly of by assemblages. At present, professor Lu Yao is still enrolling and educating postgraduates in the field of Boxer vement and is also the Director of Studies Center for Boxer Movement and Modern Chinese Society, Shandong University which is the heart of the research on Boxer movement internationally recognized. In March, 2002 , Before Professor Lu Yao (the middle one)---- Director of Studies Center for Boxer Movement and Modern Chinese Society, Shandong University and Professor Liu Tianlu!the vice!director went to Enland to attend the international academic symdrome of Boxer Movement ,they made a group photo with Professor Su Weizhi, Who was also the vice!director of the center.
  Since 1980s, Professor Wang Zhongluo, Ge Maochun, Li De Zheng, and Lv Weijun were in sequence the dean of History Department. In July 1996 , based on the department of history,the School of History and Culture of Shan Dong University was founded. There were four departments at that time, named Department of History, Archedogy Department, Archives Department and Tourism Department.( attached to the School of Business Administration in 2000). The dean of the School of History and Culture was Professor Lv Weijun who was famous as a specialist in history of the Repblic of China.
   Archeology Department had programme for doctor¨s degree in 2000, which was a great leap in the construction of discipline after the Ancient History gained the first programme for doctor¨s degree examined and approned by the State Counci in 1983. So far, our school has owned two programmes for doctor¨s degree , six for postgraduate¨s degree, covering every field of the history discipline.